Coming from a Position of Strength

Have you ever noticed how differently you come to any situation when you feel convicted?  When you’re unsure of yourself (professionally or personally) you really don’t go into an engagement with all you have.  If you’re selling something (a product or idea) that you don’t believe in, you don’t sell it well.  When you believe in your product, idea, personal reference, it changes everything about you.  You sit up straighter.  You infuse your conversations with enthusiasm.  You tell yourself and the person to whom you’re talking that you feel 100% confident in what you’re saying.

Are you having trouble finding your position of strength?  Is it your product?  Is it your belief in yourself?  If the answers are yes to any of these, it’s time to find something you believe in.  It’s time to “never work another day in your life!”  The answers to your questions about where you’re strongest are within your reach.  

You can find your position of strength by asking the right questions and listening for the answers.  

Are you ready to find the answers?  Tell me your thoughts…

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