A Friend In Need

Hands put over another, palms down.

This afternoon, I learned that my friend Donnett was informed that her parents and sister were involved in a serious car accident in Alabama.  Her mother, having suffered a severed spinal column, is paralyzed from the waist down.  Her father is also not doing well, and Donnett is at a total loss.

I’d like to ask everyone to lift up Donnett and her family, that healing will come to their family, and that togetherness will bring great comfort to their entire family.  In times when answers don’t come quickly or with certainty, we benefit from knowing that we are loved.  Please join me in sending love to Donnett and her family so they have an added layer of support to help sustain them in this time.


Donnett’s Mother appears to be paralyzed from the neck down.  She is stable but the concern is the swelling will reach her lungs and she’ll require a ventilator. Her dad has a broken leg, shattered pelvis, broken vertebrae in his neck and swelling on his brain. He is in ICU as well. Her sister is still in the hospital in Cullman, AL, where the accident happened, with a broken collar bone and ankle and a collapsed lung.

Our prayers are with Donnett, Randy, and their family.  Please share this.

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